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We listen to you

We listen to exactly what you are looking for and help you identify the neighborhoods that would be the best fit. Do you want to live near the fly fishing practice ponds in Oakland? No problem, we will show you the spot. Want to be walking distance to a hiking trail in Moraga where you will hardly see a soul for hours? I have the perfect spot. Need to be walking distance to public transportation? Completely understand. We realize that you want not only your house to fit you, but your neighborhood as well and that is our goal - to find the right house that you can call home!

We meet you in person

We will start with an in-depth interview to learn about all the homes you have lived in throughout your life to get a thorough understanding of what type of property will be the perfect fit for you. We then will take the time to walk you through the entire process, providing a thorough education in everything from searching for a home to making an offer, to negotiating to get you the house you want at the best possible price.

Whether you are brand new to California or have lived in the East Bay your whole life, there are neighborhoods you may never have explored the way we can show them to you. We will take you on our Grand Tour and show you all the areas that fit your parameters so you can quickly eliminate the areas that do not work for you and we can focus on the neighborhoods that you like best. We know your time is extremely valuable and by going on the Grand Tour you will quickly be able to focus your search to only your top choices neighborhoods. While on the Grand Tour I tell my clients to write down the address of any property that stands out for them and we will go back later to see if we can convert the homeowner to a seller! You never know if that homeowner has been considering selling unless you ask. Also due to our longstanding relationships with agents in our area we often hear what is coming before it hits the market and positions our clients' opportunities to offer on those homes before they are exposed to the world. As the market is fast moving, sometimes we have to be creative and assertive to put our clients in a position to be winners!

We prepare you to be a winner

The East Bay housing market is very competitive and it is important to be well informed of the process to position yourself to get the house you want at the best possible price. This does not mean it needs to be complicated. We want to help you simply be winners no matter the market. We do this by staying current with the local East Bay micro market and maintain honest and successful relationships with a large number of agents in the community who look forward to working with us. This gives you an added edge when submitting an offer on the home you love in this competitive market. Finally, it all comes down to preparing for the day we are submitting an offer. All your preparation and education gets put into action. Please watch the video below as I talk through what a typical offer day looks like.